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PeepShow MiniGolf (PSMG) is a scaleable midway style event comprising several separate stages that can all work independently or in conjunction with one another. Some of the stages include various mini golf holes, a puppet theater and a performance stage. Custom designed carnival banners and lights surround these areas. Guests can expect to be encouraged by the PSMG performers to join in to various games and activities. The overall vibe of PSMG is like a carnival themed version of “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse,” but for adults; fast paced, funny, highly interactive and designed to get everyone playing, laughing and a part of the action! Despite what the title ‘PeepShow MiniGolf’ may suggest, aside for a few ‘double entendre’ references, all aspects of the show remain within respectful limits.

We can customize to meet your specific event’s needs and budget.



PSMG comprises several interchangeable stages. These include but are not limited to:

ClownHead Puppet Stage: 8’high, 4’ wide, 3’ deep

Designed so that the puppets can be easily seen from a distance.

This stage is always included with the standard PSMG package.


Performer Stage: Ranging in size from 8’x8’ to 8’x16’ we provide it for larger scale events with specialty acts or where sight lines may be an issue.


Miniature golf hole: Takes up a footprint of 14’x 8’ and plays like a regular miniature golf course hole with either regulation putters and balls or oversized ‘comic’ versions of the same.


Carnival Midway banners: Custom designed banners ranging from 10’x12’ to 10’x20’


Inflatables: Several self inflating set pieces including gargoyles, archways, {etc.}



PSMG has a very scaleable footprint, ranging from the small scale of 20’x20’ to a larger Midway with multiple banners sizing up to 80’x 40’.

We require a relatively flat area and can be placed indoors or outdoors; if outdoors, we require a location with a low amount of wind. It can be set-up under a large tent and/or on grass if necessary. Please discuss with us your location before booking.

If we are not the main focus of the event, we prefer to perform in a relatively low noise area not directly in the center of larger events.

We require (6) 15’ tall vertical pipes with weighted bases to rig lightweight banners and carnival lights. If outdoors, these will need to be weighted enough to counteract any wind.



PSMG requires (6) 20amp. 120v Edison outlets to power (2) 50’ 800w strings of Carnival lights,   (4-8) 150w floodlights (depending on how much of our act we bring), and assorted lower voltage effects including some self inflating set pieces. 



PSMG is lit similar to a carnival. The main lighting consists of 50’ strings of carnival lights and is augmented with floodlights and rope light. Our self-inflating set pieces are translucent and are lit internally. 

Please Note: We highly recommend that the presenter provide additional theatrical lighting. A Light Plot is available upon request.



PSMG uses one self powered 350 watt speaker with 2 mic inputs and is run off of one iPod.

For large or noisy events, we will require the presenter to provide a larger sound system.



PSMG in its minimal form takes (4) people 3 hours to load in and (4) people 2 hours to strike.











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